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our crazy world!

2011-06-20 19:15:20 by borch98

the new serie will be named our crazy world!
Voyd, zed and Amely will have numerous adventures in this new planet (we dont have the name for it)
Zed- the stupid guy, with the IQ of a toaster, his dream is to see a giant banana singing brother of Amely
Voyd- the calm guy, he is the cool one, he loves his guitar and skating and hates to see someone doing better than him in anything
Amely- the selfish girl who loves Voyd, she would do anything to get him...

here it is supposed where I show you some designs... here you go:

well im not used to my new epson lol, but when i learn to use it I upload it....
so here is an image i made in flash lol i draw the toon link ^^

our crazy world!


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2011-06-20 19:16:49

it was just copy paste lol.... also the wallpaper xD